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Selling Your Home in Newcastle? Why a Carpet Clean Would Be a Great Idea

Selling-Your-Home-in-NewcastleWhen you decide that the time has come to sell your house, the first thing you need to do is a complete assessment of the property.  While an estate agent will help you with a valuation and the whole process of selling, it pays to give the house a thorough once-over before you start this.  This will highlight areas that you want to correct before inviting an estate agent in.  But one of the questions that sellers often ask is – should I have my carpets cleaned?

The carpet cleaning question

Unless you have only just put down the carpets in your house, then it can be a big benefit to have a professional carpet cleaning service visit the house.  You can always find one in your area – so there are ones in Newcastle and around the region – and most offer a free quote for the service.  While this might seem an unnecessary cost for something you are leaving behind, consider the benefits.

Carpets get dirty and stained over time and even if you vacuum every day and deal with stains when they appear, there is an inevitable amount of dirt and dust that adheres to them.  Often, because it is a slow process, you don’t realise that your beige carpet is now nearer to coffee coloured unless you move a piece of furniture and see a clean patch.  The process is often worse if you have pets!

By having the carpets cleaned, you can refresh them to a former condition and remove that accumulated dust.  This means when an estate agent visits and photographs your home, the carpets are in top condition and do their bit towards selling the house.

Other tricks when selling your home

Carpet cleaning isn’t the only thing to consider when selling your home and preparing it for an estate agent’s visit.  Some of the most common faults that buyers spot are the ones that we often ignore because they are part of daily life – drawers that are stiff to open, a wonky cupboard door, a cracked bathroom tile.  And while these won’t make a massive difference, when comparing your home to another similar one, these little flaws may be the spoiler.

The other important area to consider is the front of your home.  The fence, driveway, garden path and the rest of the front garden should all look smart and clean.  Also, go over things like the door and window frame to ensure they are clean and free of spider’s webs.  This all creates a smart, inviting appearance to the house when viewers arrive to visit.


Obviously, you don’t want to spend a fortune on a house you are selling but little tricks like having carpets cleaned and tidying the front garden can help maximise the appeal of your home and help you get the best price for it.  A little investment in these preparation areas might even see you get a quicker sale than a neighbour who didn’t bother to do them.


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