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Renting in Newcastle? Let us Clean the Carpets When You Move On

Renting in NewcastleOne of the great things about being a tenant is that if you decide you want to move and your tenancy is up, all you need to do is pack up and on you go.  However, finishing a tenancy does come with a few responsibilities that sometimes tenants forget about and comes back to haunt them.  One of the main ones is checking the condition of the house including carpets.  And this is why we offer a tenant’s carpet cleaning service across Newcastle.

Tenant responsibilities

While every tenancy agreement can be a little different, there are a few basic responsibilities that a tenant has while they live in a property.  These include obvious ones like paying the rent on time and as agreed as well as paying other bills such as gas and electricity as it is used.  There’s the unspoken ones, like being respectful of neighbours and of shared areas in the property and generally to look after the house.

When you begin a tenancy agreement, you normally pay a deposit alongside the first month’s rent.  This payment is often placed in a special scheme under the Tenancy Deposit Protection Schemes (TCP) established by the government.  This means that when the tenancy ends, as long as the pre-set conditions are met, the tenant will get back this deposit.

Reasons to lose a deposit

Unfortunately, there are stories about tenants who don’t get their deposit back for one reason or another.  Some of these are down to bad decisions while in the property but others are easily avoided.  You should take the following steps when you enter into the agreement to make sure you are protected and understand the conditions of your tenancy

  • Make sure a detailed inventory is carried out of any items belonging to the landlord and be present for this to double check – if any of these items are missing at the end of the tenancy, the deposit can be used towards replacement cost
  • Take photos of any existing damage to any items, such as scratches on wallpaper, dents in worktops or other damage and ensure the landlord is aware of these – otherwise you could be blamed for the damage and have to pay for repairs
  • See what you are responsible for when the tenancy ends in terms of cleaning

Carpet cleaning at tenancy end

Often, a tenancy agreement will say that the tenant needs to call in a carpet cleaner to professionally clean the carpets prior to the end of the tenancy agreement.  If this is the case, this means you need to pay for someone to do this and ensure you get a receipt to prove it has been done.

Even if it isn’t in your tenancy agreement, many tenants choose to have the carpet cleaned to avoid any problems.  If the carpet is professionally cleaned, then this returns it to its original condition and fulfils one of the main obligations of the tenancy agreement – ensuring the return in full of the deposit.


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