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How Regularly Should I Clean My Carpet?

Carpet-cleaningCarpets in any home see a lot of work, especially in high-traffic areas such as living rooms and hallways.  Despite the best efforts, there is an inevitable build-up of dust and dirt on carpets that the eye cannot see.  Regular maintenance is important to expand the lifespan of your carpet but how often should you have your carpets cleaned?

Regular cleaning schedule

The first step to keeping your carpets in top condition is a regular cleaning schedule.  The vacuum cleaner is your friend with this as regular vacuuming can help to remove the daily build-up of almost invisible dust and other debris.

Move the vacuum cleaner slowly across the carpet with multiple strokes and this can remove as much as 80% of the dust that builds up on a carpet.  Ideally, you should vacuum like this at least two or three times a week but if you have pets or kids (or both) then every day is probably a good idea.

Battling stains

Another step to keep carpets in top condition is to battle any stains as soon as they happen.  When you get the carpet, ask about what type of cleaning product works best with the type of carpet you are buying.  They will recommend what to use if you get a stain and keep some of this product handy – test a small patch under the sofa or in a corner before you use it just to be safe.

Then if there is a spill or other accident, use the treatment straight away to deal with the stain and stop it making a more permanent stain.  If you are unsure how to remove certain stains and the stain remover you have isn’t recommended for them, then there are lots of suggestions online how to do this.

Regular carpet cleaner visits

To get the maximum lifespan from your carpet, you definitely want to have it professionally cleaned on a regular basis.  Look for carpeting cleaning services that cover your area (here at Ablecare, we cover the Newcastle area, for example) and ask for quotes for the service you need.

Most carpet experts recommend having your carpet cleaned at least once a year.  This helps to keep on top of stains and also to remove the build-up of dust that you cannot see as it is deep in the fibres of the carpet.  Deep dust can cause health issues as dust can be an allergen and cause people to have allergic reactions to them so by cleaning the carpet regularly, this problem is eased.

You may also want to consider having high traffic areas cleaned a little more often, especially if you have had accidents that lead to stains.  When selling your home, many people have their carpets cleaned to get the home in top condition for the sale as well.


Regular carpet cleaning has a positive effect on your carpets, removing the dust and grime you cannot see and extending their lifespan.  It can also avoid allergy problems and stop stains before well set.


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