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Pets and Your Carpets – Tips on How to Keep Them Clean

Pets-and-carpetsPet owners all love their pets but if there’s one thing that isn’t so joyous, it is their effect on the carpets around the house.  In fact, ask a carpet cleaner in Newcastle and they will tell you that one of the top reasons they are called out is because someone’s pet has caused a stain on the carpet!  So, are there steps you can take to keep your carpets clean and reduce the number of times you need a professional?

Carpet choice

Before beginning to look at tips on keeping carpets clean, a few tips from the experts about carpet choice.  Light coloured carpets are very popular at the moment but for high traffic areas of the house when you have pets, they may not be ideal.  Instead, opt for slightly darker shades, say coffee colour rather than cream, as these are more forgiving of pet hair and light stains.

Also look at the type of carpet you are choosing.  Twist piles are relatively low and easy to clean while loop style carpets can get caught in pet’s claws and pulled apart.  Many carpets will have a stain resistant coating that can help minimalize stains too.

Regular routine

Carpeting cleaning should be a regular routine to combat the natural dirt and dust that accumulates on carpets.  When you have pets, you can add their own dirt and fur into the mix.  Regular vacuuming has shown to have a massive difference in the lifespan of most carpets and you can even get vacuum cleaners designed specifically for pet owners that have special filters to handle pet hair.  Don’t forget to include the upholstery in the vacuuming process as often dirt and hair will accumulate there and then fall onto the carpet.

Cleaning the carpet with the right cleaning products can take away everyday stains and mess.  Ask your carpet shop when you buy the carpet what is the best thing to clean it with.  And when trying a product for the first time, always clean in a corner, away from the main areas of the room.  That way, if anything unexpected does happen, you don’t have a weird looking patch in the middle of the room.

Dealing with stains

Prevention of stains is always great and many pet owners keep a towel near the door for those wet and muddy days to do a little paw cleaning.  But stains will happen, whether through accidents, items knocked over or other causes.  Rinsing with water is a good first step to deal with stains and there are products designed to deal with specific stains – again, test in a discreet area first.

Regular cleaning by a professional carpet cleaner also significantly lengthens the lifespan of your carpet.  This helps to lift the stains and dirt that you can’t see as they are deep into the pile of the carpet.  By using a professional, you get a better result and also should anything go wrong, the carpet cleaner is insured to make certain you don’t end up out of pocket.


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