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Just How Clean Can We Get Your Carpet?

Just How Clean Can We Get Your Carpet?Often when we chat to people around Newcastle about our job as carpet cleaning experts, there is a sense that it is a task only needed if there has been a spill, a stain or an accident.  People think that carpet cleaning can be done with supermarket products and a bit of elbow grease and while this is true to a degree, nothing gets a carpet clean like a professional carpet cleaning system does.  Because having that extra clean carpet is about more than just looking fresh.

The unseen enemies in your carpets

To start with, cleaning a carpet is about more than just lifting the mud that the dog tracked in or the stains that the kids made when playing with their friends.  Carpets can hold a number of unseen enemies that can cause problems for you and your family.

Top of the list is dust.  For many of us dust is an unsightly problem that doesn’t have a big impact on our lives.  But if you have a dust allergy or are sensitive to it, it can be a nightmare.  And carpets are notorious for allow dust to build up, even when you regularly vacuum them.  This is because it gets in between the fibres of the carpet and doesn’t always come out.  Therefore, the best way to remove all the dust from your carpet is to have it professionally cleaned.

Dust mites aren’t as big a problem here as in other countries but they can still get into our homes and love to live in carpets.  These are microscopic bugs, smaller than the eye can spot, that leave behind faeces.  Microscopic bug droppings might not sound like a huge problem but they can cause an allergic reaction and we all know how unpleasant that can be.

Ensures the best quality clean

Another reason to use a professional to clean your carpet is that you avoid those horrible incidents where you use a product and it causes a strange reaction with a protective coating on your carpet.  Next thing you know, your cream carpet has a bright pink stain on it that won’t go away.

Instead, by allowing a professional to deal with your carpet, you are rest assured that not only will your carpet not transform to some weird shade but that you get the best possible clean.  We use tried and tested equipment and products to get the best clean from every carpet and have specialist products to use on every type of carpet.

A comprehensive clean to your carpets not only brings them back to their best and makes them look new once more but also extends the lifespan of the carpet.  This means that it will be on your floors, looking smart for longer than it would without a professional clean.  So, the money you spend on carpet cleaning services will be less than the cost of a new carpet.


Our customers are often pleasantly surprised at just how clean we can get a carpet when we set about working on it.  And then there are the unseen benefits, the removal of dust, dust mites and even environmental pollutants that you can’t see but can cause problems.  Finally, the carpet lifespan is extended and this too saves you money in the long term.



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