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A family run carpet, oven & upholstery cleaning business throughout the northeast since 1985


Cleaning Carpets in Newcastle since 1985

Cleaning CarpetsIt can catch you by surprise sometimes, the passage of time. We recently realised that we have been cleaning carpets for over thirty years around the city and things have changed such a lot in that time. Not only have we changed and how we do our job but the city and area itself has changed a huge amount in that time!

Changing face of carpet

There was a big change in the face of carpet and interiors in general as we moved through the 1980s. People were getting away from the idea that you moved into a house and lived there for your entire lives, meaning there were a lot more times we were called into homes to clean preparing for a move or cleaning ready for new people to move in.

The 1980s also saw the growth of property owners who then rented out their property and the carpet cleaner soon found themselves a key part of the process. We would be called in by new landlords to clean up the place before their tenant moved in. Six or twelve months later, we would be back again to refresh the place when the first tenant moved out. And so, it went, on a regular basis that carpets would be cleaned for the next tenant.

Quality interiors

Another reason that carpet cleaning became more popular in the 1980s is because people began to spend a little more on quality interiors. This meant that their carpet was more valuable and therefore needed regular cleaning.

Around this time, we also added upholstery cleaning to our service and this soon became popular. People realised that when the kids or the animals made a mess on their new sofa or the carpet, they didn’t need to chance cleaning it themselves but could call in a carpet cleaner who had the equipment and the know-how to deal with it.

As our jobs changed and evolved, so too did the city around us. The whole of the north-east has seen massive changes since 1985, with the mines vanishing from the landscape and a host of new industries growing in its place. The city itself is a very different place today than it was thirty years ago, and sometimes feels like it changed on a daily basis.

One of the big changes in the 1980s in the city centre was the growth of the shopping areas. Eldon Square opened in 1976 and Eldon gardens in 1989 with the Monument Mall following three years later. Much of the centre was pedestrianised in the late 1990s and many parts of the city have seen big developments, such as Theatre Village and China Town.

The addition of the Tyneside Metro transport system has also made getting around the city much easier, although traffic is still a nightmare at peak times! The airport too has seen big growth and is currently finishing a twelve-year development plan.


Looking back, a lot has changed since we started our carpet cleaning business back in 1985. One thing remains the same – we still offer the same high standard of cleaning to all of our customers, even if the equipment we use and the carpets we clean are very different.


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We have operated as an oven & carpet cleaning business in Newcastle and the North East for over 30 years. We cover Newcastle, Gateshead, Whitley Bay, North Shields, South Shields, Gosforth & all Tyneside NE postcodes. Plus Durham, Chester-le-Street, Birtley and Cramlington.