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Why You Should Think Twice about DIY Carpet Cleaning

Housewife clean carpet with vacuum cleanerMany of us loving having a go at jobs around the house and urge to undertake DIY projects becomes stronger each year – you just have to go to the big stores like B&Q to see this.   Putting up new shelves, installing a shower screen or even laying a patio are all jobs that can be undertaken with the right equipment and a little internet research. But other jobs around the house are best left to the professionals and one of these is carpet cleaning. Why, you may ask?

DIY Machines

Nearly every supermarket and a host of other shops today have a stand with a DIY carpet cleaning machine on it. These little guys look brilliant and can be hired for a sensible price with a range of different cleaning products available to go with them. They seem like a great way to indulge in a little DIY and save some money along the way. But there are potential pitfalls that may come as a surprise.

For starters, let’s go back to the description of these machines – great little machines.   Because they are designed to be popped in the back of your car and taken home, they are handheld and small. While this makes them easy to handle, it doesn’t mean they are the best carpet cleaners. As with any machinery, the smaller it is, the smaller the motor running it is correspondingly.

So why does this matter?   Basically, the bigger the better with carpet cleaning machines because the larger they are, the more powerful they are and the bigger their capacity. It also means they can create more suction power to pull up debris and more heat to dry up the carpet after cleaning. This means that while a little carpet cleaner can clean your carpets, it cannot do the job that a bigger piece of equipment can do.

Other issues

Maybe you are happy to just have a bit of clean after an accident or spill and aren’t too worried about having that fresh, good-as-new feeling. There’s nothing wrong with that and of course, it is always a personal choice. But there are a couple of other points to consider when opting for DIY over a professional.

Firstly, there is the chance that you can damage your carpets unknowingly. Some carpets require certain types of cleaning products and if you use the wrong things, or the wrong temperature, it can cause damage.

Secondly, if you get the carpet too wet then it can shrink or cause discolouration due to wetness.   Wet carpets are also a doorway for mould, which can build up in the fibres and lead to some nasty health issues.   These issues can range from an allergic reaction to breathing problems and even a serious infection depending on the type of mould that gets into the wet carpet.

Finally, there is the risk that the products used to clean the carpet could actually cause it to become soiled again quicker than normal. Some detergents use a high residue that can act like glue and cause all that debris that the vacuum normally picks up to instead stick to the carpet.


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