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Carpet Cleaners in Northumbria

carpet cleaners in NorthumbriaWe are carpet cleaners in Northumbria. Most of us realise that the best way to get the most from the carpets in our homes is to regularly clean them.  We have a strict routine of vacuuming them but something we forget that even the most powerful vacuum cleaner cannot remove all the dirt and grime that can adhere to the carpet fibres.  That’s why professional carpet cleaning is the best way to lengthen the lifespan of your carpet.

Why have a carpet cleaned by  Northumbria specialist?

Carpet cleaning does help lengthen the lifespan of every carpet by removing the debris and dirt that builds up and vacuum cleaners cannot remove.  But that isn’t the only reason to consider a visit from your local Northumbria carpet cleaning company.

No matter how well you vacuum, carpets can be a growing place for bacteria and mould.  And while you may not see them, they can release contaminants into the air that can lead to health problems, especially for young children and older people.  This can often be made worse is a carpet is cleaned but not in the proper way – mould, in particular, loves damp conditions.

Dust mites are another problem that is hard to avoid without proper cleaning.  Hiding away in the fibres of the carpet, these microscopic little bugs are nearly impossible to spot but can cause breathing problems.  Even the down and dander from household pets can cause health issues if it builds up in carpets – a problem solved by proper carpet cleaning.

Latest carpet cleaning technology

Here at Ablecare, we offer a mixture of experience and the use of the very latest in carpet cleaning technology to offer the highest standard of service to our customers across Northumbria and the wider region.  As carpet cleaners of considerable experience, we understand that people want to spend as little as possible on cleaning their carpet so we offer a cost-effective service that helps the carpet remain stain resistant afterwards,

The system is known as Dry Fusion and is a technology designed in Austria and Germany that is widely used around Europe.  It is particularly beneficial for homes because it cleans and dries the carpet at the same time with a clever, new heat-drying system.  It uses a dry cleaning process with a hot water extraction to build up heat and results in the process known as Dry Fusion.

Extra benefits from your local Northumbria carpet cleaning service

As well as the quick drying nature of the system, another benefit that comes from Dry Fushion is that it adds a special layer to every fibre of the carpet that is completely invisible but also helps to prevent stains and repel dirt and spills in the long term.  The process also deodorises the carpet and helps block future stains, meaning you can go a lot longer between cleaning.

One common concern when cleaning a carpet is that the very cleaning process can damage the carpet.  Some types of carpet aren’t as easy to clean as others but because Dry Fusion removes debris in the way that it does, there is far less risk of damage to fine carpets.  The process is perfect for wool and synthetic carpets, even Belgium Wiltons carpets.


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